Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I shan't dwell on this less than impressive start to the year though I am feeling positive and expect/hope that this is merely a blip on a fascinating year ahead.

New Year's Eve was fun though there were far few people than expected and we're still not sure where a large group of people got to that night. It's strange that having gone to such outrageously lavish clubs over the last few weeks, this one, which by most English standards should have been great, didn't quite hit the mark that night. This is almost certainly because New Year's for me for the past ten years has been about being with friends I've known for a long time, being silly and cheering in the new season with champagne and a cigar (my yearly cigar). I was with some great people and genuinely some people I'd like to get to know better over the next couple of years here, unfortunately, though the music was superb with the most enthusiastic DJ I've ever seen, (this is going to sound old!) it was just too loud to talk and too crowded to really dance much. That said, it was an enjoyable evening and I'll probably be back there sometime soon.

Sunday was spent relaxing and getting ready for my ski/snowboard trip on Monday with the architecture contingent which I've been looking forward to for a while now. I haven't skied for eight years now and couldn't wait to get back on the slopes.
Unfortunately, Sunday night intervened and something I ate over the past day or so decided it was incompatible with my insides. I shall spare the obvious details though I spent Monday in bed with my eyes as tightly closed as possible to stop the room from spinning rather than being on the slopes, such is life. Unfortunately having planned to phone my fellow skiers Monday morning at 7 which is when we were supposed to meet, I attempted to ring and found that my phone was out of money. So, I dragged my achy body from bed and went on a wild, early morning goose chase trying to find a phone to call them with. Anyway, I did after much angst, so all OK in the end.

So, Tuesday, which should be our second day of holiday (we can take Monday and Tuesday off if we come into work on Saturday!) is currently being spent in the office attempting to cram in another 15 Chinese characters before my lesson tomorrow.

Somehow it appears that 2006 may be even busier than 2005 and so with open arms and an empty stomach I look forward to whatever adventures may await me.


Film update - Luca, I watched Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring which is excellent and though it's very different, if you enjoyed this you'll probably enjoy Three Iron.


Anonymous said...

Was it really eight years ago we were in Val Thorens? Lordy lord...

Anonymous said...

Eight Years? Jesus....
Those bum boards we're ace.

Unknown said...

Count em...I may comment on such strange time dilation shortly. Fear not, this puzzle has a good side.