Thursday, October 15, 2009

With weather conditions exploring the extrema through the days and nights my body has decided that I've had enough months feeling good and is going all pathetic and fevery presently. So, I'm sitting at home without the ability to concentrate on anything practical for more than a few minutes which gives the perfect excuse for watching some TED talks. This one by Henry Markram on building a model of the brain on a supercomputer was news to me in terms of the complexity that can be modeled on such a system and looking around the project's website it looks like an impressive endeavour.

which reminds me, through rather tenuous links, of this video by Dan Ariely on our buggy moral code which itself ties in nicely with work on universal moral grammar which makes you realise quite how basic some of our decision making skills are.

Anyway, a couple of random links. I may update more depending on the gradient of my descent.
With apologies on free-flow brain->blog input.

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