Thursday, March 05, 2009

A little light coding

For coders only, I'm afraid.

Trawling through the Mathematica forum to try and fix a problem with a piece of code, I came across a fellow coder whose clever choice of variable names make my scripts look like true poetry. A lesson for us all!


I'm knee deep in code of my own right now, attempting to finish off a couple of papers which are towards the bright end of the pipeline. I've had to be a rather unsociable host to my understanding couchsurfers this week. I've had some lovely meals with them, but otherwise had to leave them to their own devices. This week four Chinese guests, one from Guatamala, a Canadian, a German and a Japanese guy have been staying at my place. A real pity that such interesting characters are coming and going without me having a real chance to get to know them, but the current schedule simply isn't allowing for anything more than the occasionaly acknowledgement from behind my computer.

Anyway, back to it...

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