Thursday, December 06, 2007

Advanced study in Dublin

Sorry, things are quiet on the blog front and I'm very busy with running round in circles.

Having spent a very enjoyable few days in Cambridge at the Newton institute with my former supervisor, chatting through ideas both new and old and possible new directions for further study I have now made it to the Institute for Advanced Study, in a very rainy Dublin, where I'm spending a couple of days. Today I gave my talk and tomorrow we will be hearing from one of the professors here on some interesting work related to emergent geometry.

Hopefully I will have a few hours on Saturday to see the city before flying back to England for less than 48 hours, and then back to Santiago to try and furnish my flat (my first night in the new flat, just before flying to England, was spent on a half inflated airbed covered only by a winter coat!).

A 4.15 start this morning to catch my 6.30 flight means that I'm a little tired, but the talk seemed to go ok and the questions were all interesting. Now, with a few loose ends to tie up I'm going to see if I can get me a Guinness.


Unknown said...

Hi Jon, hope you enjoyed your Guinnes. How was the talk received by people in Dublin?


Unknown said...

Didn't manage a Guinness yesterday, perhaps tonight.

The talk seemed to be reasonably well received, but it would probably have been better to just give an overview of AdS/CFT. It's always difficult if you want to explain your current research but even the general area (ie AdS/CFT) isn't a speciality of the group.

They seemed to cope pretty well here though.

Anonymous said...

merry xmas!


Unknown said...

...and a very merry Christmas to you too :-) Hope you're getting a chance to take a break.