Friday, September 14, 2007

File transfer on Meebo and more

I'm almost alone in the building today. Everyone else has gone to Chengde for the weekend. The ITP organises these huge group outings a couple of times a year, but I usually miss the e-mails. It makes for a peaceful day in the office anyway and work is getting done.


Anyway, this post is a quick tech note. I use Meebo as my instant messenger client. It's entirely web based, so you don't need another program running in the background constantly giving you adverts or using up more memory. It also allows you to integrate various accounts: Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Talk amongst others (not Skype - yet). I use instant messaging as a vital part of my work, talking with my collaborators in various continents.

The one drawback has always been that file transfer was not possible - until now! I always had to switch back to msn in order to send and receive files but now I see no reasons to use msn any more.

Of course if you're bothered by the design of Meebo there are dozens of Greasemonkey scripts you can use to make the interface more to your liking.


Cory Doctorow, from Boingboing was in Beijing this week and spoke at the Bookworm. Sadly I couldn't make it, but the video is up on Youtube. Cory talks about the future of information dissemination, copywrite, Web 2.0, piracy, social networking and more.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Here's a big, bumper barrel of birthday wishes for you Biscuit! Have a frabjous day and do try to work for less than 15 hours of it.

Unknown said...

Many thanks, have had a great day - will talk about the spectacular meal I've spent most of the day consuming later.

Hope all is well with you, many Calloohs and Callays!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what the latest on human rights in China?

Oooops, I are probably reluctant to talk about that.