Thursday, July 20, 2006

Not how it's supposed to be!

Yesterday I spent a little time writing a terribly witty post about my return to England, my reacquaintance with much loved food (thick granary with jam), the fine weather, plus a few things that I'd wanted to mention about China (erudite remarks on language and overweight people)...and then it all went horribly wrong. My laptop crashed. It's been doing that a little recently so I was planning a full backup any day now. I lost the blog post and we're all a little worse off for that, but then it just wouldn't start again, at all. I could regale you with the tales of the eight hours I spent yesterday trying to salvage any data I could from the corrupt hard drive but it would be pretty tedious. The only positive thing is that I did manage to get the paper that I've been writing recently along with all the mathematica files off before the whole thing completely stopped working.

I've lost nine months worth of photos from China. This makes me very sad.

Clearly I should have backed it all up, OK, that was pretty short-sighted, and indeed I did backup some things regularly. I don't care about losing the 6000 songs I'd religiously copied from my CDs onto my computer (which took a long, long time). I don't care about losing all the carefully tuned programs that have taken me such a long time to balance just right. I do care about losing the 1000 or so photos which have chronicled my time in China. This makes me very sad.

I have a warranty which means that ACER will, I hope, replace all damaged components of the computer though they will almost certainly not try and recover my data. Going to a data recovery company would cost me several thousand pounds and almost certainly invalidate my warranty.

Anyway, I shall go and weep a little over my backup DVDs which don't seem to respond when put in any other computer. Suddenly the fact that I have many photos (in minimised format) on this blog is significantly more valuable.

Anyway, I shall repeat my post which started this whole thing off at some time when I'm a little less stressed.


Brian Powell said...

Jon -

Does the university offer data recovery services? Here at UB, there are guys that do this free of charge for researchers and the like. Very sorry to hear about this though. I

Jonathan Shock said...

Hi Brian, good to hear from you.

Nice suggestion but I don't believe that they do. Even if they did I'm on the wrong continent and when I get ACER to replace the faulty bits of hardware, I need to be this side of the world. All a little logistically complicated. I'm currently researching other possibilities and keep my fingers crossed.

Hope to chat soon,


Benjamin said...

Ah, Jonathan... oh dear. Surprised you're (like me) not a back-up man but know you're a guy who will let this go and get on with a sweet week back home. Have fun x

Cor Blimey Trousers said...

I wouldn't big yourself up too much The Biscuit, I'm sure it wasn't that funny.
See you in a week for London fun

Jonathan Shock said...

Hi Ben,

Yeah, nothing I can do about it so getting on with other, more enjoyable things. Take it easy,



Don't be so sure of yourself, we're talking Cannon and Ball levels of humour here, it was crazy.

See you in the city.