Thursday, February 23, 2006

Been too busy with work today to do anything terribly exciting but quickly a link to some more photos from Professor Cho's blog. He's not the guy that I'm here visiting but he's been very helpful and has given me a decent plan of things to see this weekend.

Anyway, some photos from the last couple of days from him here.

Generally been chatting more with the students here who are all a really nice bunch and had another decent chat with the professor I am visiting. Kyoto is now all booked up and I'll be heading off on the Shinkansen on Wednesday to give a seminar at the Yukawa institute on Thursday. This will give me this weekend in Tokyo and next in Kyoto. Thoroughly looking forward to both.

I was hoping to go and see some sumo wrestling this week but it turns out that the competitions are only held at certain times. Much to the Japanese chagrin, it also transpires that none of the top wrestlers are Chinese anymore. The champions are currently a Mongolian and a Bulgarian. How things change from 1980s Sumo on British TV of a Sunday evening.

I am however looking to see if Kabuki theatre is on the cards. Will see if I can fit that in.

Anyway, I shall leave you with a short post and I, sated with a fine helping of udon noodles, will sign off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon

My only advice to you regarding kabuki is to not go to a whole show. They sell tickets for half a show which should be more than enough!

Unknown said...

Hi Claire,

There didn't seem to be an option for that so I'm going for the full five hours. There are four 15 minute breaks to revive any gluteal sensation.

Anyway, should be another interesting experience.

Cheers, J